Out here, due process is a bullet.”
—  John Wayne

Uncle Greg

Visible/Known Information

Musical Inspiration

Ghost Riders in the Sky by Johnny Cash
Their faces gaunt, their eyes were blurred
Their shirts all soaked with sweat
He’s ridin hard to catch that herd
But he aint caught em yet
Cause they got to ride forever in that range up in the sky
On horses snortin fire as they ride on hear their cries



Pretend someone asked “What do you think of (character name)?” Answer it!

  • "I did not know my Uncle Colt until recently," she says then, simply, scraping beans out of a can to put on a plate. "He sent me presents with cards and told me to giddyup li'l doggie. My parents once argued, and my father informed my mother that it is okay, that his brother was just taciturn. My father knows his brother quite well I think." She moves to put the plate and beans down on the kitchen table, sitting down next to them. "He does not talk much, Uncle Colt does. I do not think he likes talking. But he gives me good advice, he is very protective for some reason – he even helped with Mr. White after Mr. White had already harmed my parents, and he is very nice. Perhaps one day I will be a cowgirl. It is funny that his name for me is alliterative with my name. Li'l Lady Lattice." – Lattice




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